c r lord 
minister of the gospel 
author of "From the heart of a servant"
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I'm a minister of the gospel, the author of a book and the author of this site and a more extensive site among other things.   

I have ministered throughout the United States from the streets of Washington, DC to the beaches of Orange County, CA.

My ministry experience began with street evangelism in Ft. Lauderdale, FL to Decatur Illinois, Phoenix, AZ and some    places between those states.  Eventually I returned to my home town and attended a Bible Institute for three years and

graduated with honors as did my wife whom I met there.  We moved from the Institute to a church in Aberdeen, MD and

became involved in working with the youth.  I was also the song leader, and Bev and I did door to door evangelism

and brought people into the church.  In the evenings we went out on the streets and ministered to pimps and prostitutes

and men and women on drugs and alcohol and servicemen who we met on the streets.  From Aberdeen we returned to

the school to complete my ministry training and then we were blessed to move to Indianapolis, IN where we worked in

the Teen Challenge Center there with teenage boy and teenage girls.  That was a very interesting and trying time for us.

From Indianapolis Teen Challenge we went to Kentucky Teen Challenge working strictly with teenage girls and after that

we returned to my home town and eventually ministered in the Bible Institute which we both graduated from.  I worked

with a men's home as Director and arranged for a "sock shop" where students could work to pay at least part of their

education costs in the school.  Prior to returning to my home town we were parents.  Our oldest son was born in the

Teen Challenge Center in Indianapolis and our second son was born as we worked in Kentucky Teen Challenge.

We ministered in the Bible Institute from 1989 through 1995 when it was forced to close for lack of funding.  During

that time I did what I shared above plus moved men from the second phase of the program to the next phase of their

growth and maturity in Christ.  I also taught the Men's Home Curriculum that came from national Teen Challenge.

During that period of time my wife and i were blessed by the Lord with three more children; one boy first and then

two girls.  So we had our squad in place to protect their younger siblings and they certainly made sure they did that.

Each of our children were raised in the nurture and admonition of the Lord and became Christian by the time they were

six years of age.  Our first son came to know Christ as his Savior at the age of four and our second son by age three.

It was quite an adventure ministering and raising a family the size of our which eventually became seven children.

When the Bible Institute closed I could not get a ministry to open their doors to Bev and I because we had too many

children.  In addition, I was now 53 years young and had no specific skills other than those associated with ministry

and so even my administrative skills were not good enough to open the doors of employment for us.  I am not sure of

the time frame but I was out of work for two years which was very difficult for me because I wanted to provide for my

growing family.  I couldn't handle five children around the clock so I would go to auctions and buy boxes of items for

a quarter to a dollar apiece and find things in the boxes I could resell but never enough to lift us out of poverty level.

Finally, I took a job delivering pizza.  During that time I was able to generate about $12.00 to $15.00 an hour with tips

and gas money.  The variable was how much people tipped or how many deliveries I could take.  I did that for five years

and ministered every chance I could get in our home or outside of it.  My wife was able to get a job in 1996 as a CNA

(Certified Nursing Assistant) where she worked through December 31,2019 and then retired.  I was already retired at

that time for quite a while as my body became afflicted with a deteriorating disc and osteoarthritis in my two knees.

That ended my pizza delivery days for good.  I was able to find odd jobs after that but nothing significant.  

In 1998 I went online for the first time and began to learn my way around the internet.  I found that I could minister

online on Facebook and on the news boards so I became a surfing evangelist.  Gradually I also found out how to use

Twitter and I also became involved in politics after President Trump came into office and began to destroy decades of

work done by former presidents who were working to make America a globalist state to be ruled by a few elites.

I am still keeping up with how that is going but my primary purpose in life is to honor, glorify and exalt God.

If you visit my official site you will understand clearly what I believe about a lot and why I believe what I believe

through reading my autobiography and examining the text and listening to the audio and video presented there.

Thank you very much for visiting this site.  I pray God's richest blessings on everyone visiting my ministry sites.