“Whether therefore ye eat or drink, or WHATSOEVER YE DO, do            all to the glory of God.”           I Corinthians 10:31
“But we have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellency of the power may
be of God and not of us.”
2 Corinthians 4:7​

“That according as it is written, he that glorieth, let him glory in the Lord.”  I Corinthians 1:31
1 Chronicles 16:29 - Worship the Lord 
in the beauty of holiness.​
Character Sketches
During my time in Bible College I was required to do various sketches of characters in the Bible.  They will be linked through this page for anyone who might be interested in reading them.  Please check back from time to time to see updates as they are added.  Click on the pictures to the left of the page or click on "read more" to access the sketches.


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Noah - Noah was tenth in the line of descent from Adam through the line of Seth. Nothing is mentioned of his early life, but scripture clearly indicates that his father, Lamech, was a godly man. It would then naturally follow that Lamech taught Noah to look to God, and Noah's life gives clear evidence that this is true.  The first thing that is noted about Noah in Genesis 6:8 is that “Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord.”  This is the first time grace is mentioned in scripture and appropriately so.  Read More
Nehemiah - One of the most inspiring and authoritative examples of leadership and management in all of scripture is Nehemiah. It would be well for us to consider the reasons for the obvious success of this eminent man of God and draw comparisons and give applications for our own daily Christian walk.

​​Of utmost importance in anyone's life and in any sphere of time and activity is a trait exemplified in this man; that of prayer! His prayer wasn't a perfunctory exercise but a part of his living and working. This is verified in the following verses: Nehemiah 1:4 & 6, 2:4, 4:4 & 9, 5:19, 6:14, 13:14,22 &29.  John Bunyan states, "It is better to have a heart without prayer than to have  Read More
Paul -  The date of Paul's birth was not known, but can be closely estimated to be about one to four BC. This can be calculated from the phrase “at a young man's feet” (Acts 7:58) referring to Paul at the stoning of Stephen and the phrase “such a one as Paul the aged” in his epistle to Philemon verse nine from the imprisonment in Rome.  

​​Paul was born in the seaport town of Tarsus which received the merchandise of many countries on her docks. Sailors of many races and languages were constantly seen on her streets in their varied manner of dress. This was a preparation for Paul as a missionary to the gentiles of various cultural and racial backgrounds. It served to help him sympathize  Read More
Jonah -Many theories have been advanced concerning the book of Jonah.  Grimm regards it as a dream produced in that deep sleep that fell upon Jonah as he lay on the sides of the ship.  Herman Vonderhort believes it is a historical allegory descriptive of the fate of Mannaseh and his grandson Josiah. He believes Tarshish to represent the kingdom of Lydia, the ship to be the Jewish nation, whose captain was Zadok the high priest, and Jonah cast into the seas was Mannaseh's captivity in Babylon. Rosenmuller Gesenius and Winer believe it to be an allegory based upon the Phoenician myth of Hercules and the sea monster.  Less thought that Jonah was tossed into the sea and then picked up by a ship which had a large fish for a figurehead.  Obviously none of these hypothesis are anything more than vague and without any foundation.  The wisdom of men must be brought into harmony with God's word.  Read More  
Abraham - Little is known of Abraham's early life except that he lived in Ur of the Chaldees with his father, and his brothers Terah and Nahor and Haran.  Abraham, Nahor and Haran took wives and Lot was born to Haran who died before his father did.  Terah took Abram (Abraham's name before it was changed) and Sarai, Abraham's wife and Haran's son Lot and moved into Canaan and dwelt in Haran where Terah died.      

After his death God called to Abram to leave his father's house and go to a land that God would show to him. When Abram left Haran with Lot he was a man of wealth and prestige with 318 trained household servants. God did not tell Abram where he would go, but Abram instantly gathered up all he had and left without question. Abram is the obedient servant and man of great faith.  Read More
Isaac - Isaac was born to Abraham and Sarah in Gerar when Abraham was 100 years of age and Sarah was 90. Isaac is God's promised heir to Abraham. When the Lord visited Abraham and Sarah and foretold the birth Sarah laughed because she couldn't believe she was going to have a child so late in life, especially when she had none previously. The name Isaac means “laughter” from Sarah's laughing and perhaps Abraham's laugh of joy at having his son. Jesus is considered the descendant of Isaac through Abraham by Jews, Muslims and Christians alike.   God fulfilled his promise as he always.  Isaac was promised that his seed would be abundant as well and Jesus came directly from the line of Isaac through Abraham.  Now through the sacrifice of Christ we are children of the promise.  Read More  ​​
Jacob - Genesis 27:19 - "And Jacob said unto his father, I am Esau." With these word Jacob began his deceitful acquisition of the birthright which lawfully belonged to his brother Esau that sent him on a lifetime of trouble and grief but also many blessings from the Lord when he repented.

​​Jacob's birth was delayed 20 years because Rebekah was barren. Before he came into the world he struggled with his twin brother, Esau, in the womb. God spoke to Rebekah and foretold that two nations were in her womb, and that the elder would be servant to the younger.

​​On the occasion of their birth in Gerar a medical Odyssey occurred.  Read More
Joseph - Joseph was born in Haran of Northern Mesopotamia to Rachel the wife of Jacob. When he was five or six years of age his family moved to Palestine where he spent most of his youth.

​​The fact that Jacob loved Joseph more than any of his children is evidenced by two specific events. When Jacob heard that Esau was coming to meet him, he sent everyone else ahead but he put Rachel and Joseph to the rear of all his caravan. Later in life Joseph made a “coat of many colors” for Joseph alone of all his sons.

​​Jacob and his family were bedouins or nomads, and as such, had tribal cheiftans.  Read More
Moses - Moses was born about 1350 BC to Amram and Jochebed who were both of the tribe of Levi. His birthplace was Egypt in a time when Pharoah had ordered that every Hebrew son born should be cast into the Nile River. His mother hid him three months, and when she couldn't hide him any longer she put him in an ark of papyrus she had deftly woven and pitched with bitumen within and without to seal it so it would not sink. She placed the ark among the reeds at the river's edge and her daughter stayed with it to see what happened. It was probably Moses' sister Miriam who stayed with him.

​​Miriam seized the opportunity to approach the princess and arrange for the baby's mother to nurse him. So Moses' real mother nursed him. During this time she probably prayed over him and sang songs to him
​about God, even though he could not understand them at the time.  Read More
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