The Issues of Life

So many people are bound today in so many ways that it is impossible to cover them on a web site no matter how large it may be or what scope it may cover.  All of these people are looking for a solution or solutions.
The One Solution To All Issues

You might say that it is absurd to think that there is one solution that can resolve the issues of life.  You may even think that it is arrogant, but how can you think that if you have never tried the solution to begin with?
And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind.  Romans 1:28
The fact is that all the problems that we will ever face in life can be solved through the God who has given us the manual to live by.  Living life without this instruction is similar to, but more tragic than, a doctor doing surgery without ever getting a degree in how to do it or a mechanic fixing a car when he has never trained under skilled mechanics on the proper procedures for various mechanical issues that arise in the many vehicles in the world today.  In the Bible there are recommendations covering what to eat or not eat to stay healthy, what marriage is all about and how it is to be structured so that it will function at its very best, What God thinks about sex and the proper enjoyment of it and also the responsibility that goes with that, raising children and discipline including self-discipline, meditation and what is appropriate for us to meditate on, what place God must have in the lives of individuals, nations and governments, and much, much more.  These instructions are readily available to anyone who is willing to make the time to do the research and understand them. however the most important thing of all contained in this book is the redemption of people from sin through Jesus Christ and the promise of eternal life in peace.

1 Chronicles 16:29 - Worship the Lord 
in the beauty of holiness.​
Is it Love or Lust? 

Lust - The Bible has plenty to say on the subject of lust, yet people still insist on defining love and lust to suit themselves because they are fully ignorant of what the Bible says on these issues or because they refuse to abide by what the Bible says about these issues.  In both cases, those who choose to reject the teaching of the Bible are wrong, and no amount of semantics (word twisting) can change that.  Well, every person on earth must decide whether the Bible is the right guideline for them or some other writing or teaching or their own opinion based on whatever is deemed by them to be their authority source.  But what does the Bible say about sexual conduct for all mankind?  This is not what you or I will want to hear perhaps, but whether we want to hear it or not, the God of the Bible fully expects us to hear it and abide by it.  IT IS WRITTEN FOR OUR OWN GOOD BECAUSE WE ARE WICKED BY NATURE AND PRONE TO DO EVEN THOSE THINGS THAT WILL HARM OR DESTROY US.  God, in mercy wrote his instructions in order to protect us from ourselves because we are our own worst enemies.  When we come before him in judgment unrepentant and unsaved, we will not be able to blame the devil, our friends or anyone else for our refusal to obey God and his commandments and laws.  Let's examine the words of Jesus Christ himself concerning this very important subject.

Matthew 5:27-28 - " You have heard that it was said by them of old time, thou shall not commit adultery; But I say unto you, that whosoever looks on a woman to lust after her has committed adultery already with her IN HIS HEART."  Adultery is sex outside of marriage with someone who is married to another person.  Fornication, mentioned in other scriptures, is also lust and is sex outside of marriage between a woman and man.  Both are condemned as wicked and Jesus is saying in this scripture that even the thought of sinning in the heart of man is wickedness as much as the act itself.  I well remember before I knew the Lord that I would pick up Playboy or some other such magazine and my heart was moved to thoughts of what I would do with the women pictured there, and I was filled with lust for them as such publications intended me to be.  I had no care for what God thought of such things because I was fully caught up in my sexual desire.  That is lust!  It is a powerful thing that is binding up many men and women who are as ignorant of the Bible as I was then, and they are trapped by Satan with no understanding of what this deadly sin can do to them in this life and the judgment it brings in the next.  This lust doesn't stop with heterosexual relationships, but is in a lot of other relationships that are extra-marital and offensive to God as well.

Pedophiles - These are people who prey on children and have sexual relations with them.  I have seen the stories in the news of men who have forced their perversion on babies through lust.  This is the most debased form of lust because a baby has no defense against such attacks, and their bodies are not developed enough to withstand such deviant attacks.  From babies to older children, these men have wrecked horrible pain and fear in the children they have raped.  It is not only men, but women who allow their lust to force sex on children themselves or in cooperation with men.  It is because they have become desensitized to anything but their own lusts and the cries of the children mean nothing to them.  Does this bother you dear reader?  If it was your child, would it bother you more.  In the eyes of God it is vile sin, but even then these people can be delivered from the lust that binds them though the blood shed for them by Jesus Christ on Calvary.  This is love beyond our comprehension, and there are those who will not allow this love because they have already sat in judgment on the people who do this not realizing that apart from the divine intervention of God we are all capable of this and worse.  It is in our nature to judge others with a judgment we would not use on ourselves.  Some people somehow believe that they are above this, and that makes it even more easy to judge and condemn others.

Animal Sex -  This is self-explanatory, and the Old Testament had very strict rules regarding this behavior among the Hebrews, but once again, God's mercy is available even to these people through the grace and mercy shown in the sacrifice of Jesus Christ for all who will believe in their heart and receive the salvation that delivers people from even this gross sin.  YOU SEE GOD OFFERS HOPE FOR ALL WHO HAVE NO HOPE AT ALL!  ​This incredible mercy is so far removed from the unsaved person that it takes a revelation from God to come to grips with it.  Sadly, there are many who would rather live in misery and shame than reach out for the hope that is offered here.

Homosexuality and Lesbianism -  I find myself reluctant to approach this sensitive subject because there are so many people who are utterly confused on this issue, others who are condemning on this issue and others still who believe God created people who are bound to live this way by nature and will accept no other alternate view.  There are those who profess to be "Bible believing Christians" who declare that God hates all people who are homosexual and lesbian, and that is an outright lie!   ​​It is impossible to prove that hatred from scripture without perverting the meaning of the verses.  It is easy to prove that God sees this behavior as sin if someone would be willing to objectively examine the evidence, but God doesn't hate someone involved in this sin any more than he would hate a liar or thief or someone who takes his name in vain. ​In the eyes of God all sin is wrong, but all sin can be forgiven if the sinner will humble himself or herself, admit their sin and ask for his forgiveness.  Sin is an offense to God because it is a direct violation of his established laws and commandments in any area of life.  It just happens that this issue we are dealing with is lust, and lesbianism and homosexuality are acts of lust according to the word of God. It doesn't matter what anyone else believes concerning this matter or how any person tries to manipulate the scriptures to say something concerning it because on the day of judgment God will have the final word, and there will not be anyone standing toe to toe and eyeball to eyeball with God and challenging what he has to say on this or any other subject.  WE ARE ALL ACCOUNTABLE TO HIM WHETHER WE LIKE IT OR NOT!  Nobody is going to change his mind on anything.  He is God and rules the universe and his commandments are meant to be obeyed for our own good. He is not dictating to us; but trying to protect us from own propensity to evil.  We can accept what he says and what our conscience tells us he says or rebel against him and suffer the consequences.  The price for being stubborn and proud and living to suit ourselves in spite of what God says is eternal damnation.  Anyone who wants to argue that point can argue with God.  He will give you an audience and try to instruct you but he will not force you to believe him.  That is on your part.  See also - Gay Christians



​​Are people born homosexual?

What are we to make of God's condemnation of homosexuality and recent reports suggesting that some are born homosexual?

The reports alluded to are far from conclusive and far from being universally agreed upon by all in the medical field. In many quarters the desire to prove ​a biological basis for homosexuality is the driving impetus for the research. But let us assume for the moment that in a future day the biological basis for homosexuality is proven. Does that give license to practice the deed? All will agree that normal heterosexual desires are hormonal and inborn. Does not God condemn the expression of those desires outside the marriage bond? Doesn't every unmarried believer have to discipline those desires and sacrifice them in devotion to Christ and in faithfulness to the Word of God?
​All union outside the male female union in marriage which God instituted in the Garden is outside the will of God. Having the desire, whether inborn or not, is not the sin. The sin is the expression ​of that desire in actions that violate God's commands on sexual behavior, whether heterosexual or homosexual.

​There are other forms of lust prominent in some circles of society including Transsexual behavior, Sado-Masochism, and Bi-sexual behavior, and still God is merciful and willing to forgive anyone involved in these things and deliver them from continuing in them.  What will you choose to believe?  Are you willing to allow God to bring conviction to you and deal with the reality of all sin in your life, or would you rather take a chance that what I am writing on this site is all wrong and you'll be okay after all?  The choice is yours.  I am writing what I believe to
​be God's word concerning lust.  ONE MORE NOTE:  All people who support these acts that God condemns are equally guilty as if they were personally doing those acts in defiance of what the Bible says.  Supporting or vindicating sin is sin as well as doing acts of sin.  God will not hold anyone guiltless who does so.​​​​​​​ 


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