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My Resume From Salvation To The Present

Why a resume?  I don't know​ about you, but if I was going to trust anyone to assist me in my life as a believer I would want to know as ​much about them as possible.  I would not want a novice (someone new or weak in faith) to be the person teaching me about eternal things and their background (before salvation, salvation, ministry experience and family life) would be important to me in determining what level of faith I would have in their teaching.  I have devoted several pages to this for the benefit of those who visit this site with the sole purpose of making it explicitly clear as to who I am as a man and as a Christian.  Those pages are here, here, here, here and here. There may be some repetition on some of these pages but I don't think there is much.  One page introduces me as the creator of this site, the next shares my view of what Christianity is and how I believe a person becomes a Christian, the third is life after salvation, the fourth is the continuing story and the fifth page is what I believe the Bible teaches which is my doctrinal statement.  If anything good comes from this site and ministers life to others, then the most important purpose of creating it will be fulfilled, which purpose is that God is glorified above all and that those visiting will be drawn to him above everyone and everything because he alone is worthy of all glory, honor and praise for any good that comes from any life both now and forever.​  ​​ ​​

2/19/1974 – Gloriously delivered from a life of sin. Five major habits taken from me in a moment of time: 17 years of smoking, 12 years of alcohol often heavy drinking, 6 years of drug use, many years of strong lust and a very vile mouth and heart that cursed God and Christ every day.

2/20/1974 – Taken out on a street corner with a Bible in my hand and told to witness to the people who passed by. Saved 10 pm and witnessing approximately 8-9 am the following day with no knowledge of scripture. There is much to tell here that space won’t allow.

2/20/1974 – March 1975 – Traveled with a tent ministry called Christ is the Answer and evangelized every place we set our feet down. We went from state to state and town to town. We ministered on beaches, in bars, outside of topless bars, on street corners, in and outside of shopping malls, in homosexual districts, to pimps and the prostitutes that worked for them and anywhere else where there were people. For our efforts we were jailed twice on false charges and God used us in the prisons to minister to the inmates including leading two men to Christ who were up for murder.  Many others were touched by the Lord there including those who ran the prisons.

March 1975 – 1977 – Worked a job and came home from work, ate and then hit the streets and evangelized, sometimes until the early hours of the morning. Also did prison ministry with Yokefellow Ministries.  Encountered students from Teen Challenge Institute on the streets and went to services there and eventually God provided for me to attend college there.

1977 – Fall 1980 – Attended Teen Challenge Institute where I met and married Beverly, my very special wife and now Mother of seven very special children.

Ministries during college included: Staff member at Cincinnati Teen Challenge on semester break over the Summer where I was used of God to minister to addicted people, do street evangelism, preach in the street and cast out demons from one of our program residents with the assistance of other staff members. In addition, I was involved in many class activities including VP, Sec-Treas, Student Council Rep, Assistant Dorm Dean, Leading prayer groups and acting as student leader of street evangelism and coffee house ministries, ministry to retarded people, traveled and sang with the choir and served on the promotions committee.

Bev and I both graduated with honors and a Diploma in Missions after three years. Bev and I were married on January 7, 1979 and are in our ​36th year of marriage. We have been blessed with seven children and all seven have come to know Christ as their Savior, and some have been on missions trips and ministered in other ways. Our family now has grown with two sons-in-law and two daughters-in-law. Our oldest daughter has given us two granddaughters, and our second oldest daughter one daughter and two sons, and one daughter in law has two beautiful sons and a little girl born in November of 2014.  Our second oldest son just got married in November of 2015. Three of our sons have graduated from college with one of them graduating magna cum laude with two degrees, one graduating with one degree and our youngest graduating with with honors as well. We are richly blessed!

In December 1980 I interned at Indianapolis Teen Challenge where I was the Intake Coordinator, Dean of men, and Academic Director.
​I also worked with boys from the age of 11 to 17 and girls as well in that age range. My duties included counseling and teaching, disciplinary action when necessary, Supervising junior staff, office work, bus driving, and working with teachers from the community. Our first son, Samuel was born there. Bev worked with the girls program at the same time.

In May of 1982 Bev and I ministered in Kentucky Teen Challenge with teenage girls. My position involved teaching, counseling and eventually acting as director in the absence of the director when he went on vacation and after that until the program closed. I also worked with the church that was the main support for our ministry. I also supervised staff as well. Christopher was born during this time.

In February of 1983 Bev and I ministered at His Farm Fellowship in Berne, NY. I taught school curriculum to teenage students including the Pastor’s children, did ministry at an outreach for street people and preached in the prisons. We also had prisoners come to live on the farm and I ministered to them. This lasted until my birthday on September 27, 1983 and then I came back to Sunbury, PA and sought employment and a place to live.  My wife and children remained in New York for two months while I did what I could to finally get them to Pa with me.

October 1983 through August 1989 – Moved my family down from New York and worked whatever jobs were available to me and went to all kinds of auctions and sales and purchased and resold items. At one point we went through two years of unemployment, and because of the size of our family, ministries would not hire us.  It was particularly discouraging to me because I strongly believe in supporting my family.  God had me in that place where he could deal with my character and motivation, and he provided our needs in many different ways.  
At that time our family had grown to five children. This was a very trying time for us but God was faithful to keep us from growing angry or bitter through it all.

August 1989 to 1995 – I ministered at Teen Challenge Institute which became Teen Challenge Institute of Missions. My duties were director of the men’s home, and creating and running a program to help the college students pay for their education.  I also taught one college class in Systematic Theology during that time.

This time of ministry included teaching a special curriculum to the men, working with junior staff and supervising them, dealing with discipline problems in the home, preparing the reports on the ministry, handling some aspects of the finances for the men, teaching and preaching, preparing men for and taking them to a second phase program and some other administration activities. In 1995, due to financial constraints, the mens program and the college closed down and did not reopen.  Bev and I were forced to 
return to the job market. Since we had seven children at this point ministry was out of the question.

It was difficult for me to get employment at that time because I had no previous job experience other than ministry. I was able to land low paying jobs, one job with the state government and then deliver pizza for five years before physical limitations forced me into retirement from the pizza business. I have been retired since 2004. Since my 62nd birthday I have been trying to gain some proficiency in various online business pursuits and ministering as the Lord gives me opportunity online and offline. It is through online ministry that this new ministry opportunity came.

In January of 2008 I was able to publish my book "From the Heart of a Servant" with the pen name C. (see) R. (our) Lord.  This name was given to me by the Lord after I prayed and asked him to give me a name that would point people to him.  Praise is his and his alone!​​​

I want to express something that I passed over in this presentation because there is so much more to all this than meets the eye. I am not complaining or seeking to be critical of anyone, but there is some truth that is vitally important in my personal opinion. I won’t name any person or ministry, but I feel I must share what happened to my wife and I in various ministries we worked for after we were married.

In a ministry that I did not mention so far in 1978 we moved to minister in a church where we were told we would get housing and food and a reasonable salary. In return, we led the youth group, I led song services, we went door-to-door speaking to people and bringing them to church, spent many evenings ministering to drug addicted people, alcholics and pimps and their prostitutes, ministered on the street to military men and did neighborhood evangelism on our own. The church all of a sudden withdrew all support from us except for our place to live. I don’t remember why, but I do know it wasn’t right. In spite of this some church members brought us food and money when they could and God used the people in the neighborhood that we had been ministering to provide the rest without any prompting from us that I recall. The thing that impresses me most about this is that God did not allow us to become bitter or resentful during this time, and we returned to college where I finished up my studies and got my diploma in missions.

Another time we went to a ministry agreeing to only receive housing and food. The ministry gave us a small room with very little space and we had two children at the time. We ate at the ministry leader’s table and used his bathroom facilities. Later we were scheduled to go to Jamaica and minister there, but a friend of the ministry leader showed up and was given our place on the mission to Jamaica. The friend got ordained through the church and then he packed up his family and left in the middle of the night, and my wife and I never got to go there. After a time we were given a bigger apartment that had rats and mice running through the walls and bees coming down through a vent in the ceiling. Then the ministry leader determined to move someone into our little place and told us we could stay if we paid rent. Since we came to work in the ministry with no salary, we couldn’t pay rent, and I was forced to leave and look for work in Pennsylvania for two months while my wife and children stayed where they were until I could come for them or send for them.

Another time we worked in a program and the director took of with all the money and left us to run the ministry with no income. By God’s grace a church took the ministry under its wing, paid off all the bills and Bev and I stayed long enough to sell off the assets of that ministry, receive our back pay and then move on.

Finally we worked in a ministry that faced severe financial difficulties and worked for about six months with only enough pay to cover our bills. This also was a very difficult time because we lived in a town away from the ministry and suffered by having our well-established credit ripped to pieces by our inability to pay. Since that time I have worked hard to re-establish our credit worthiness and now it is excellent by the best standards of the credit world.

The wonder of all this is that God has never allowed my wife and I to get bitter or vindictive through all this. We got angry sometimes, but I believe our anger was justified. The Lord is still in charge no matter what men may do, and we believe that to this day and hold no attitudes toward anyone and refuse to do so.  We are certain nothing touched our lives that God didn't first approve and that wasn't necessary to our spiritual growth.

Today we have raised our seven children and they are doing well and walking with the Lord and those with children are teaching them about the love of Jesus, and that is the greatest ministry and satisfaction that we could ask for. I believe with my wife that we have been richly blessed above many in this world and God continues to give us his blessings as we seek to serve and honor him above all else in life. Praise His Holy Name!

On September 27, 2014 I will be 72 years young.  Most people who guess my age guess me at 58 to 60 years old which is a heritage that passed down through our family, of whom few show their age.  Our family has had many members with long lives extending into the mid eighties through the early to mid nineties and none of them showed their age.  Since our children are all raised and self-sufficient except one daughter who still lives at home, I feel it is time to return to the streets once again to reach out to people for Jesus.  My body tells me no, but my body is not in charge of me and never will be.  It may slow me down at times but it will not stop me from serving my King!​​

December 2013 Update - Our youngest daughter, Sarah moved to Kentucky to be with our oldest daughter, Kristine while her husband, Jon is in Afghanistan​​ as a helicopter pilot in a war zone.  She is the last of our children to move away from home, and hopefully she will find a place and a good job there and establish herself as an independent young lady.

August 17, 2014 Update - Sarah returned home and got a job within about a week or so doing what she wanted to do.  She will be staying with us until she is able to deal with the financial aspects of getting her own place.  Kristine's husband, Jon, is scheduled to return home in September 2014 which is about a month from now.​​


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John 8:36 - "If the Son therefore shall make you free you shall be free indeed." 

C R Lord, Webmaster