“Whether therefore ye eat or drink, or WHATSOEVER YE DO, do            all to the glory of God.”           I Corinthians 10:31
“But we have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellency of the power may
be of God and not of us.”
2 Corinthians 4:7​

“That according as it is written, he that glorieth, let him glory in the Lord.”  I Corinthians 1:31
1 Chronicles 16:29 - Worship the Lord 
in the beauty of holiness.​
What Is Religion?

A basic definition of religion would be man somehow thinking that he has within himself something that would be pleasing enough to God that God would forgive him and welcome him into his kingdom based on that man's righteousness.  In other words the man believes he has lived such a good life that he believes either Jesus' death wasn't necessary or he believes that what good he has done coupled with what Jesus did on Calvary is enough to merit God's approval and secure his salvation. The absurdity of this is that if any of us could ever be good enough to please God and merit his approval; Jesus didn't need to die at all.  The Bible totally refutes this idea showing all mankind to be ungodly and in opposition to God and with no desire to seek him as evidenced on this page of the site - Sin and Accountability.

There are also religious groups and individuals who appear to be part of one group or another but who are using that group for their own gain.  This religious group would outwardly endorse the beliefs and standards of the religion they claim to represent, but inwardly they have motives that would be challenged and/or shunned by the very group they claim to represent. I believe this is more common concerning pseudo-Christian individuals and groups because Christianity and groups that believe themselves to be Christian compose a very large segment of society and many of the adherents of these groups are gullible and uneducated in their own beliefs and many have no desire to study for themselves and can be easily duped into believing the lies and distortions of the wolves in sheep's clothing.  These wolves would include cults, major religious groups and some televangelists. These wolves could also include a few individuals who have been deceived by the devil and have led many astray such as Jim Jones whose history clearly reveals his erroneous thinking and damnable teaching costing the lives of many who were not prepared to challenge him and his teachings.

Religion is a parasite, giving people a false sense of peace and security and promising them things that they can never have while robbing them of their eternal salvation and everything else that can be fleeced from them by false preachers and teachers. They are promised riches and good health in return for their sacrificial monetary investments​​, an eternity of peace with God if they do certain things and refrain from other things or go through some religious ritual that will earn them time off punishment if they live righteously, and multitudes of other blessings to boot.  The hucksters will do anything to build their own empire and have no real concern for the welfare of those who are sucked into their system and who give sacrificially believing they will reap the rewards of their giving at some future time.  In the meantime these blood sucking parasites live luxuriously on the backs of their supporters thinking that they are beyond the judgment of anyone, but they forget that God keeps a very exacting account of all their doings, and one day they will stand before him to find themselves damned forever from his presence in the lake of fire unless they repent.

Most people who follow any particular religion are people who believe sincerely that what they are doing is right, and who follow charismatic leaders who are either convinced they are doing what is right or who are leading the flock down the road to perdition knowingly and enjoy the role of deceiver.  The sad part in any religion is the people who just go along year after year believing all the lies that they are told, and in good faith defend the very people who are leading them astray.  Some of them even defend those who are living luxuriously as if they deserve luxury because of their "hard work."  It's akin to a thief coming into your house and robbing you, and when you return to your house you look at your loss and say; "The thief deserves to have all that he took; after all he did work very hard to break in to the house and get those things.  Why shouldn't he have them?"  The absurdity of this goes without saying, and yet people are actually that blind to what is being sold them in the name of religion.

There are very large groups of people who follow the teachings of men and women not knowing they are being led to believe what cannot be true in the light of all the knowledge that is available - especially with the internet today!  Millions of people are living in deception and totally unaware of it.  You might say, "Who are you to judge what is right and what is wrong?  Don't all roads lead to God?"  I answer that I believe with all my heart that the Bible is the Word of God and that my judgment of religion and religious leaders must be based on what the scripture teaches as best as I understand it and trust the Holy Spirit to teach me from it.  Those who choose to reject the Bible and what it teaches, those who would rather follow the teachings of false teachers of the scriptures blindly without studying what the Bible teaches for themselves, those who would rather follow religion than discover truth, and all who outright reject God will have to go their way and live out their beliefs if they choose to do so.My assessments will be made on what the religion teaches or what the religious leader says and does based on whether or not it lines up with the Bible which I believe to be the Word of God and the definitive source for all matters of spiritual significance including our eternal destination.​ David, King of Israel, in Psalms 119 says the following; Verse 104 - "Through thy precepts I get understanding; therefore I hate every false way."  Verse 128 - "Therefore I esteem all thy precepts concerning ALL THINGS to be right; and I hate every false way."  Why would David say such a thing?  It is my firm belief that every false way leads to perdition and damnation, and if my confession is that I love all people, and I would allow them to believe a lie; if I would keep silent and watch them go out into eternity without warning them of their danger; and if I would seek to maintain their friendship by allowing them to be deceived in spite of my knowledge of truth so as not to offend them; then my claim of love for them would be a worse lie than all lies that were ever propagated through the long annuls of history!  In Proverbs 6:16-19 God speaks of seven things that he hates. In these verses he includes; a lying tongue, a false witness that speaks lies, and a heart that devises wicked imaginations.  THESE ARE THE THINGS THAT LEAD PEOPLE INTO ETERNITY WITHOUT CHRIST YEAR AFTER YEAR!  Aren't some of them spoken over and over by religious people and charlatans posing as Christians? We must hate evil in every form if we are to ever see righteousness rise up within us. Evil kills and damns people forever. We can't warn them if we don't see the danger ourselves!


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C. R. Lord, Webmaster
Two of the three pictures above speak of something equally as evil as religion itself.  These pictures call to attention those who believe themselves to be Christian, deceive others into believing they are Christian or believe themselves to be a replacement for a defunct Christianity.  Because they bear a resemblance to the genuine article, people are easily led to believe that they are.  They are more dangerous than mere religious groups because people who don't study the Bible can be easily fooled into believing they are Christian.  

The first picture sets the standard for what is truth and what is genuinely Christian.  When any person or group of people claims to be Christian their claims must be backed by the word of God plus nothing or as theologians call it "Sola Scripture" or scripture only!  Some of those who claim to be Christian rely on a lot of their own writers more than they rely on the Bible.  This is a serious error and has caused many to turn from the Biblical Christ to a false Christ based on perverted versions of scripture, distorted teachings of a charismatic leader or group of leaders and their laziness in comparing scripture with these false teachings.

The ultimate test of any teaching is how they view Jesus Christ.  Any teaching that denies the divinity of Jesus Christ is a heresy!  If you want to know whether or not any group or person is ​Christian all you
​need to do is ask them whether or not they believe Jesus is God come in human flesh. Their answer is of vital importance in identifying them.  Those who reject his divinity reject scripture and Christians should reject their teaching no matter who they claim to be.  I Timothy 4:16  -  "Take heed unto the doctrine!"​​  ​​